About Me

Hi, I’m Trevor Hawkins, your public relations, French studies and African interest whiz kid.

Currently, I am studying both Public Relations and French Studies and Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. In hopes to graduate in April 2018, I aim to work in the public relations field on the international level. I have been recognized for my work in a variety of ways, like becoming a member of the National French Honor Society in 2016. Here’s a bit of my background:

Like Will Smith, I spent most of my days on the playgrounds west of Philadelphia, with much chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool. From my Philly roots, I gained a passion for obsessively cheering for any team with Philadelphia as its first name. And yes, sometimes it’s hard to defend teams that have only won one championship in the past 30 years—but that’s taught me that there’s always a story to tell when there doesn’t seem to be one (as long as you get creative).

Unlike Will Smith, however, I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and spent eight years on the French-Swiss border. Oddly enough, I never actually learned French in Europe—I even took seven years of French classes trying to make up for the lost opportunity. But it was in West Africa while serving a two-year humanitarian mission in the tiny countries of Benin and Togo that I became fluent—which taught me that goals can be fulfilled in funny ways (as long as you work hard).

In sum, I am dedicated to solving problems through creativity and hard work, drawing on my experiences on the American, European and African continents.  I love collaborating on projects that have to do with American-West African relations or Public Relations strategy in general. If you are interested in working with me, connect with me through email or on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.