Infographic Details:

  • Thrive Algae oil aimed at having their oils become the next kitchen essential for health-conscience women, ages 25-65. However, with many people not knowing that algae could even be made into an oil, it would be important to communicate to our key public the numerous health, environmental and cooking benefits of using the oil as compared to more common cooking oils.
  • We created an infographic to communicate the benefits of using Thrive Algae Oil.

Other Details

  • Client: Thrive Algae Oil
  • Campaign: Thrive Algae is Great
    • Key Public: Health-conscience women, ages 25-65
    • Big Idea: Create a steady stream of social media conversation and beautiful content shared by both influencers and the brand, to create a positive, re-enforcing association with algae and food.
    • Strategy: Position Thrive Algae Oil as the best oil for health, cooking and the planet by communicating with women who want to keep up with the latest health trends to stay healthy through social media channels.
  • Credit: Trevor Hawkins, Sarah Matheson, Kylee Spjut, Rebekah Lundquist
  • Class: Strategic Writing, Comms 320