Poster Details:

  • For this project, we created an original poster (using Adobe Illustrator) to encourage families to come and participate in an indoor carnival to promote small businesses in the community.

Other Details

  • Client: Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce & Local First Utah
  • Campaign: Small Business Saturday Promotions
    • Key Public: Utah Valley consumers with families and small kids
      • Self-interest: Utah Valley consumers volunteer their time to local charities in the interest of growing and supporting their community.
    • Big Idea: Create an indoor carnival featuring booths of local companies, with family friendly games, prizes and free samples.
    • Strategy: Use an indoor carnival to get Utah Valley consumers to support small businesses on Small Business Saturday.
      • Appealing to key public self-interest: Show Utah Valley consumers that buying from small businesses puts much more money back into the community than going through a big-box retailer.
  • Credit: Trevor Hawkins, Cody Humphreys
  • Class: Strategic Writing, Comms 320
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