Social Media Audit & Proposal


Social Media Audit & Proposal

Social Media Audit & Proposal Details:

  • Blaster Tag, which operates an indoor Nerf arena, wanted to ramp up its social media reach for the Summer of 2017. For this project, we created a social media audit report, where we analyzed its own social media usage as well as five of its competitors.
  • After the analysis, we created a list of high-priority changes and a summer campaign. For the campaign, we proposed a small summer camp for kids, ages 7-12.
    • Included in the campaign are social media examples (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as well as key messaging and strategies.

Other Details for the Proposal:

  • Client: Blaster Tag
  • Campaign: Blaster Boot Camp
    • Key Public: Utah Valley mothers, ages 35-55
    • Big Idea: Drum up traffic to Blaster Tag by creating a camp for preteens.
    • Strategy: Appeal to mothers who want to get their kids out of the house over the summer by communicating with them through social media to get them to sign their kids up for Blaster Boot Camp.
  • Credit: Trevor Hawkins, Ben Bolton, Andrew LaRose, Jaren Wood
  • Class: Social Media Marketing and Strategy, Comms 351
Social Media Audit and Campaign