Sphere Social Media


Sphere Social Media

Social Media Details:

  • Client: Sphere
    • As an intern for Sphere, which makes a networking app used at events, I managed the social media accounts in both French and English. Below, you will find examples of posts that were used to increase social media engagement and reach.
    • Content included:
      • Explainer GIFs
      • Instagram campaigns
      • Blog

Other Details:

  • Credit: Trevor Hawkins

Explainer GIFs

These GIFs were pinned on our social media accounts so that users would understand Sphere. The first GIF is aimed primarily for users of Sphere at an event while the second GIF is aimed for potential event organizers who want to use Sphere at their event.

Sphere app user

Event organizer

Instagram Posts

To increase social media reach and engagement, I created a variety of content to help accomplish this goal. These posts were part of the reason why Sphere’s Instagram account went from less than 100 to almost 1000 followers in less than three months.

“Tip Tuesday”
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Customer testimonials
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Photos from events using Sphere
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Twitter posts

Like Instagram, my primary goal for this account was to gain impressions. These top tweets from my three months with Sphere boosted Sphere’s tweet impressions go from about 1k impressions/month to over 14k impressions/month. The account targeted French audiences, as most of the events we worked with are based in France.

July 2017

June 2017



May 2017